CyberWar Shield

More than just Monitoring and Analysis; it’s about using Real-Time Actions when Detecting Cyber Security Events.

Cyber Awareness

Increase your Employees Cyber Awareness skills with a customizable, video based learning path that fits your corporate culture.

Incident Response

Informative and in-depth Incident Response system that is tuned to your regulatory compliance and reporting requirements.

Secure Application Development

From Conception to Development to Encryption; RSC will Engineer your next State-Of-The-Art, Cyber-Secure Application.

Cyber Security for all Devices

CWS enables users to Define, Detect, and Deny Hackers access to Computing Devices through Active Management between your Data and the Perimeter, including the Endpoints; Mere Endpoint Security is no longer enough!

CWS furnishes the capability to define, detect, and deny the goal of all Hackers; Access to your Computing Devices!

Partner with RSC and protect your organization

About us

Bringing Clarity to securing Computing Devices and Networks within the Business and Home Environments.

The Risk to Personal Information, Sensitive Corporate Data, and Reputation continues to grow as Technology advances towards an increasingly connected World. Individuals and Businesses need to be more aware of the types of Risks they may be facing; and more importantly, how to successfully overcome those risks.

RSC is committed to Proactively Defending our Customers against any known or unknown Threats. RSC Develops, Designs, and Deploys the best Tools and Procedures in the Cyber Security Industry.

At RSC, we believe that Information Security is more than just another buzzword. Our Mission Statement is, “Knowledge is Power, and Understanding is Empowerment.” With our proprietary software/hardware suite of products, we enable our customers to understand HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO is on their networks in real-time.

Our Goals

To Lead by Example

At Recon Secure Computing, we don't just talk about it, we accomplish it.

Dignity and Respect

We realize that dealing with Information Security can be frustrating and maybe a bit overwhelming. We treat all people that we meet with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

To be the Light that God calls us to be

We believe that God gives people eternal life through his Son, Jesus Christ. He sent his son to earth to die and rise again to make this possible for us all. John 3:16

Our Mission

Information and Awareness

Cyber Awareness Training to increase Customer and Employee Awareness of Risks, with the goal of reducing risks by promoting safer actions, and avoiding unintended Data Breaches.


Provide the right Software and Hardware controls to monitor and proactively resist attacks against Information Technology resources, data, and personal/corporate reputation.

Professional Services

Professional Consulting Services to ensure that our customers meet and exceed all of their Regulatory Compliance Requirements.

Cyber Security Policies and Procedures customized for each individual corporate entity, focused on each specific industry’s Regulatory Compliance needs.

Partner with an organization that has over 30 years of experience in all levels of CYBER-Security.

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